Mouth Blown Glasses

Repurposing scrap window or bottle glass is tricky as it’s not designed for hand work. It stiffens very quickly so the team must work magnitudes faster with this medium. The foibles of the material – bubbles, variations in thickness & tool marks – give each of Igoglass Hot Glass’s blown pieces an authentic artisanal feel.
If you’re recycling cullet there are only a few ways to get pot colours. Melting tinted window glass yields a chic grey; wine bottles give shades of olive to emerald; & plain scrap window glass results in a classic aqua. Exclusive imported colour powders give red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white & black. Igoglass’ glassblowers also like complicated objects, using tricks from the Italian masters to manifest organised colours & shapes like stripes, dots, rings (murrine) & lines into what they’re making.

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